Wrote two songs in two days (videos)

The Might of a Dwindling Legion. Written and recorded today.


*Edit: Uploaded newer version.

Infinite Regression.  Written and recorded yesterday.

Where are the songs? I can hear the instrumentals but I can't hear any fucking vocals. Phone Post 3.0

No vocals yet.

Phone Post 3.0

I have more songs on my youtube channel (Magistice Official).  Two of them have vocals (Apogee and Barren Blue Marble).  I can either post them here or you guys can check the channel.

Who does the vocals? Phone Post 3.0

Post them here if you could, those links are all fucky. Phone Post 3.0

Me.  I write and record everything.  Drums are programmed.  The vocals on those two songs suck cause I hadn't sang for years and the mic is garbage.  Maybe I'll redo them someday.

Barren Blue Marble.


Perpetual Reticence.

Constructing the Horizon.

Amongst the Gods.

Passenger of the Tide.


It's actually not too fucking bad, you've got some talent and I can respect that. VU and get some vocals on those new tracks! Phone Post 3.0

Thanks man, I appreciate it.  Haven't picked up a guitar in 2+ months because I just relocated so I feel like a crack fiend that just scored a rock.  Cranked both of these out yesterday and today, all brand new material.  Might write another one tonight.


Awesome stuff...always enjoy your music posts.