WSB is now interested in Congress Members stock buys

God Damn, I love autism.


That’s actually pretty smart. Politicians get a continuous stream of insider trading information. It’s probably a good idea to follow their moves on Wall Street.


they are required to post what they personally invest in, but the method they use is slow and completely after the fact. the congressional reporting is done by pdf and is often times very poor quality and resolution. These should be followed closely, but they really aren’t.

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That’s a start.

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It’s well known that somehow they outperform the market always. They never seem to pick a loser. Odd right?

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I like it. Politicians all get loaded in plain sight.

How long before they change the rules again and you can’t track their stocks?

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This is fucking brilliant

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If they do this, expect a lot of career politicians to suddenly resign.

Seems like a great idea! Hopefully it works/is accurate

I love it.

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That thing blew the fuck up. Hit r/All and got locked for sub rules. Gotta respect those apes for their integrity.