WSJ: Biden was talked out of Afghanistan by Putin

who’s the Russian spy now comrades!

In no way does that make him a spy. Even if it was true, shouldn’t that be a good thing given the Putin worship by the GOP?

Not a bad thing, I agree. Now all the parties get to worship Putin.

It’s always…



Putin has your hero Biden, cowering in a corner like an abused dog.

“Please Mr Putin, can we please put our troops near the border.”

It also makes him more of a spy than Trump ever was. Trump never bowed and backed down like this. There can only be one reason and that’s Biden being on Putin’s pay roll. Wouldn’t shock me if most of the left wasn’t on Putin’s payroll. “Please Mr Putin teach us how Stalin spread his brand of communism. We can’t figure it out”


Fake news?

Lol, how does Biden and Putin’s pee pee taste?

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Russia is a great troll.

It’s actually reported in the daily mail and comes fr declassified Osama letters

LOL sure. You guys are really into projection. Remember when Kevin McCarthy was joking with GOP colleagues that Trump must be on Putin’s payroll and then denied it? I do.