WTB. K.Shamrock,T.Ortiz,V.Belfort auto shorts

I'm a new member here. Looking for any Ken Shamrock/Tito Ortiz/Vitor Belfort auto fight shorts/and photos. Looking to add to my man cave for Christmas. Any help??

Also, for any of you guys that have collections. I started the UFC Jakks figure collecting when they first came out. I have over 50 total figures, along with octagon, ufc,wec,pride,pride gp belts, ufc 100 octagon w lesnar/mir figures. Do any of you guys think that if I continue this will it be worth lots of money in the future?? Or, its just good for a mancave decoration. Thanks

majority of Jakks figure line is mancave decoration. unless you have the Fan Expo limited edition figs or the 1of100 ones i dont see much chance for investment purposes imo.

I have noticed that Wally World, Target, & Toysrus have stopped carrying them. Usually that means they didnt sell that well in stores since they are geared more towards adults than kids. Phone Post

Pm'd you. As far as the figures go armbar said it all. They're worth about what you paid unless you have the exclusives

Thanks for the posts. I will be happy just to have the figures for display, and since I have gone so far with it, I will continue to add to it. Maybe since stores don't carry them anymore they will be rare collectibles in the future.

Anyone know the fighter's main hotel for the Jan 12th Strikeforce in Ok.City?

i'll find out. i'd also like a poster if you can get me one (Pat Healy fan)

Have a signed Vitor LH Contender promo from when he was to fight Tito. Lemme know if your interested Phone Post

I've got signed gloves and photos by Tito and vitor and many more Phone Post

I just bought photos and shorts of vitor and tito, what do u have of shamrock?

I'm getting rid of most my figs, and I'm unloading all but my fav/event shirts...I have a LE Tito fig if you're interested...several signed and unsigned tito shirts...and this...


show me what figures you have

These are the figs I have available...

Unsigned LEs for sale...


Tito Ortiz 605 of 1000
Randy Couture 1209 of 3000
Antonio Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira 308 of 1000
BJ Penn 1210 of 3000
Brock Lesnar 946 of 2000
Chuck Liddell 482 of 3000

signed le gsp from boston expo

signed le chuck

signed le serra