WTB: UFC 27 Poster

Still looking to buy a UFC 27 poster with Dan Severn on it.

Email me if you are looking to sell one.

 I've never seen one for sale..... how much would this one go for?

No clue. I know it is a smaller poster, so hopefully not much.

 Just courious PT, Why the 27, are you a big Severn fan? Or do you just like the belts he has on his shoulders?

PT just wants to be able to post something cool on the "What did the Mailman bring you today" thread lol...

 One of his belts=everything I own, haha! A couple people are after that 27 and other than being a completist I just don't see a reason for having to drop a lot of cash on it.

Anyone remember the Dateline NBC segment they did about the UFC a bunch of years ago When they went to UFC 27??  They made it seem like it was a dying freakshow........ After I watched I thought great the UFC is done now.

I display posters with all my belts.

 so there it is! Congrats!

It would look cool in front of a 5 or UU 95' belt. I still have them Pancrase belt posters $99 for the double belt $40 for the single belt one they are bigger than a B3 17X 24. Am I still asking to much?

fightpimp -  so there it is! Congrats!

 Why do you keep most of your collection a secret again?? Come on, I need to hear the cheerleader analogy again!