WTF Amare a Piston?

Blakely is actually the most credible Piston writer IMO. Its strange that
Amare's name is even brought up as an even possible deal. Chances
pretty slim to none. Now Marion for Sheed. I don't know how that will
help the Pistons. Marion and Tayshaun one of them will have to come off
the bench. Doesn't make sense unless Tay is traded.

MadDog have you heard anything about this? Has any Amare rumors
surfaced and why???

I think he's the same guy who last week was writing about trading for Kobe

LOFL@ Amare to the pistons.

For who? You have no one we need (Unless chauncey wants to back up steve in a trade for Marcus Banks).

Not even Marion for Sheed.

Get real, Amare is in the purple and orange for a while.

June 8, rick, (ny 2 phx 2 chi): hey chris, i really enjoy your
chats. is there any truth to the rumors of phx trading shawn marion to
detroit for rasheed wallace and tyshaun prince. if there is truth to thayt
how gets the better side of that trade? i would hate to see shawn marion
leave phx!!! thanks!!!
Chris Sheridan: If Detroit was going to make a trade like that, they'd want
Amare Stoudemire back, not Marion. But Amare is one of the guys on
their radar this summer, and they'll part with Sheed and another piece (I
think it would be Hamilton rather than Tay) if they can get a young big in
return. For more on the Pistons, check my blog later today.

When asked later if his Amare statement was speculation, Sheridan said
he was getting the vibe that both Amare and Marion were on the block
from various personell people around the NBA.

"Sheridan said he was getting the vibe that both Amare and Marion were on the block from various personell people around the NBA. "

Amare is NOT getting traded. Is everyone fucking retarded?! We are not going to get rid of our YOUNG UNIQUE All NBA First teamer for a dude who gets ejected like a dumbshit in elimination games, or anyone else! Its not going to happen!

This "vibe" sheridan and everyone else seems to be getting is that Marion IS on the block and when talks begin Marion is offered and these fools ASK for Amare.

Sorry to let everyone know, but Isiah Thomas is not our GM. Steve Kerr isnt going to come in here and right off the bat get rid of quite possibly the best big man this team has EVER seen. He wont even part with Marion unless we get equal or close to equal value in return.

Keep dreaming.

Although I did here a very strong rumor that Amare wants to leave and play for SA as long as he can restructure his contract and play for $1 Million.

I"ve heard those rumors, but only from Detroit hopefuls.

Detroit would be crazy to trade Rip + Sheed for Marion. Marion will not be as good without Nash. And Phoenix would be crazy to trade Amare for Rip + Sheed. And the inbetween trades (with Prince or whoever) aren't happening. Maybe Amare for Sheed + Prince + Rip would be fair to both. Don't think it will happen.

"Marion will not be as good without Nash"

Marion's been putting up the same numbers he did when Nash wasn't around. He's a hustle/high-energy player.

I say it's Amare who will not be as good w/o Nash.

Both would produce for any team, but neither at the level they do by having Nash at PG.