Wtf are you doing at work today 03 june 2016?

Client telecon

Follow up on purchase orders i need signed to get some new fucking toys

Continue iex method development

Review a direct report's presentation being shown at a conference next week

Manager meeting

Coffee!!!!!!!!! Phone Post 3.0

NOTHING. Sucks too because I work in sales lol

I'm on a schedule where I get ever other Friday off. Enjoy the office suckers! Phone Post 3.0



-Teh OG





repeat until 12


reach out to international network backbone for status on upgrrades

repeat morning  

Working on commercial edits again today. So basically I'll be on the information superhighway and waiting for my lunch to show up while other people do work. Again, not a bad day.

Reconciling a registered data model with the associated XSDs. Sooooo tedious.

Starting a requirements document for new registry schema additions. Doing these always stress me out, but I usually wind up doing a good job.

Asking for clarifications on an expansion of our entity type list and, depending on the answer, I may have to shuffle a whole lot of shit around in the DB.

Sneaking out of here at 3pm to go kayaking because everything above is soul sucking.

Sipping a Cuban espresso and drinking a seltzer, enjoying the breeze coming in through the cafe window, listening to a shuffle - Wild Horses by the Stones right now.

Sick as shit and drafting agreements. No bueno. Phone Post 3.0

Usually on Fridays I roll in at 9, enjoy my coffee and get caught up on paperwork. Home by 2-3pm.

Not today though. Some asshole scheduled a 11-2 meeting on a 75 degree Friday. What a fucking asshole.

I'll likely be at work until 4pm now. Phone Post 3.0

ausgepicht - Sipping a Cuban espresso and drinking a seltzer, enjoying the breeze coming in through the cafe window, listening to a shuffle - Wild Horses by the Stones right now.

What do you do?

Polishing a hamon on a Bolo Bowie. Etching said hamon and repolishing numerous times. Then I hope to have time to weld the guard to the knife.

Also will be finishing knives for BHR and OT.

And now I realize I need more vinegar. So I'll be going to the supermarket as well.


Trying to motivate myself to do actual work and not sit here all day doing fuck all. I might read some shit I havn't read yet, that I should do in my spare time but is work related instead of doing real work. Slept on my neck wrong, nahmean?

Sitting at my desk (in a car port basically outside) enjoying some coffee, playing on line poker and OGing. Should be an easy day. Phone Post 3.0

Work then funeral showing and hopefully a few drinks after. Phone Post 3.0

Finishing up a job. Installed some 2 pole breakers for furniture and a few cover plates for some lutron shit I installed. Now I'm pretty much out of shit to do. Phone Post 3.0

Finally closed a big deal Wednesday after putting a client through bankruptcy protection and a going concern sale to a new PEG.

Been stressful few weeks.

Today will be a nice lunch and getting some lighter work out of the way :D Phone Post 3.0

P and L reviews
Regulatory Submissions
Review Liquidity Forecast for the quarter

Then heading out early for a date night with the wife! First one in 3 months where we got a babysitter. Dinner and Captain America. Phone Post 3.0

I'm a teacher. First day of summer! Phone Post 3.0

Selling product Phone Post 3.0