Wtf at no bonus for Marquardt

  Far and away the best fight of the night in addition to the best finish.

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(All awards include a $40,000 bonus for each fighter.)

UFC 95 Fight of the Night

– Diego Sanchez and Joe Stevenson

UFC 95 Knockout of the Night

– Paulo Thiago

UFC 95 Submission of the Night

– Demian Maia

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how the fuck was that Diego Sanchez and Joe Stevenson shitfest FOTN?

easily it was Nate/Gouviea just for the ending...

 yup shoulda been nate vs wilson

diego vs joe was boring

I honestly believe that Dana and the UFC are starting the gradual slide towards to the shady side of the fight biz

 Diego/Stevenson was the worst fight I've seen either guy be involved in in years. It wasn't bad, just very disappointing.

Nate and wilson should have been FOTN!

BUFFGEO - I honestly believe that Dana and the UFC are starting the gradual slide towards to the shady side of the fight biz

 What do they have to gain by giving Diego/Joe bonuses and not Nate/Wilson?

Hope nate got a "locker room" bonus.

Diego/JOe was the worst fight of the night imo

 Nate/wilson was also one of the best fights this year.  That's crazy.  Weird one for the ko bonus too. 

I support this thread.

Joe/Diego = boring

Nate/Wilson easily the best FOTN

 I agree with all three bonuses. Marquardt - Goveia close second on the fight of the night, but despite the haters the Diego - Stevenson bout was good with lots of exchanges landed. The Thiago KO of Koscheck was crisp and near highlight-reel material; Nate's was more of a combination of punches over a period of time that put Wilson away, imo.

Agreed I thought Nate had the performance of the night; hopefully Dana hit up with the undisclosed bonus.

The Diego/Joe fight was evenly matched and Diego did edge Joe out but Nate/Wilson was the more exciting Match.

Nate could have easily got KO of the Night and FOTN and didn't get either so again hopefully Dana hooked him up appropriately..

BUFFGEO - I honestly believe that Dana and the UFC are starting the gradual slide towards to the shady side of the fight biz

It's all based on opinion, and Nate/Wilson was never anywhere near competitive. It was a one sided beating

Sanchez/Stevenson FOTN is warranted because it was a competitive fight for the most part

not the most powerful or accurate striking, but some nice slams and reversals and you cant deny that Joe made a nice little comeback in the 3rd

Marquardt/Gouveia was a great fight to watch, but it was pretty one-sided, Nate deserves a bonus anyway for that performance, that was a crazy combo for the finish

Also, plenty of guys get bonuses that aren't listed. Jon Jones, for instance picked up a check from Dana after his fight.

Nate's human tilt-a-whirl amusement ride combo of fists and feet all by itself made that FOTN. I daresay it must have perked Anderson's high class eyebrow a bit wherever he was playing soccer, like a disturbance in the force or something.

 I guess I need to rewatch the fight, because it looked to me like both Diego and Stevenson both landed plenty of shots, they just didn't have KO power.  You guys complain about guys brawling with haymakers Toughman style, then watch guys like Diego throw uppercuts and hooks in combinations and complain they aren't accurate?  His striking looked pretty damn good to me.

Marquardt-Gouveia was definitely the more entertaining and more skillful display tonight.

Sanches/Stevenson was the worst fight in the entire card. Troy and Paul kelly fight was even better than that. It should have gone to Nate/Wilson. The fight kept me on the edge with awesome finish.

Don't understand why Dana and Zuffa are so biased towards Diego and these TUfers. Though, he won I think Diego has been somewhat exposed. He won't get anywhere near the title let alone the title. Kenflo takes him in rematch.