Wtf at this school assignment

Omg guys……teachers are heroes

Seems a bit weird that the choices are resign or be charged with a crime. Why not just fire them first, and then charge them anyway if they have broken a law.

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Again, never said I support this. I already said I would never do this as a teacher. But why is this news? Is there nothing more important happening?

Precisely this.

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Because its posturing. The mayor is not a serious person. And its working, read this thread full of posters who are outraged.

It is news because it is part of a massive attempt to change our culture.


You are not a serious person.

What if a male teacher asked your 17yo daughter to write about her orgasms?


If parents would start beating the shit out of them, it would stop

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Same as this:


I have a hard time imagining that its some kind of plot. Every school has this idiot teacher who tries to be friend with the kids by being cool and edgy. I think this is what’s happening here. The teacher is an idiot, but this is blown out of proportion.

See above. Can’t play stupid any longer.

Massive amounts of isolated incidents


I can keep going…

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No, not part of any concerted effort at all.

She’s a sexy lady with hairy tits. Totally normal. Not an effort to normalize the abnormal.


Well, if the mayor truly believes that the teacher is committing a crime — especially as serious as child porn, shouldn’t he call the cop? Otherwise he is releasing a pedophile into society…

Are these school events? I do not follow this closely but I thought these were library events where parents would voluntarily bring their kids. If I’m wrong then I stand corrected.

That’s as stupid a qualifier as I’ve ever heard and does not in any way address what I said.

The school’s actions are part of an ongoing and concerted effort to change our culture. This effort is taking place on MULTIPLE fronts, not singular.

Read the fucking assignments.

They’re teaching these kids to empathize with criminals. Just like they want us all to empathize with George fucking Floyd who was a worthless violent criminal felon piece of fucked-with shit.

They’re teaching these kids to be overly sexual and completely irresponsible with their bodies. It’s all across modern media from top to bottom. Got pregnant? Just have it sucked out! Wanna dress like a hairy clown lady? No problem!

I’d ask how you could possibly keep your head buried so willingly, but I doubt you’d even acknowledge that you do.


Fuck me, why am I the one pointing this out anyway?

@Onikage This is your department!

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How would you react of an adult asked your teenage child to write them a sex story?

If you say you’d be fine with that you are:

A. Not a parent

B. A terrible fucking parent

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