Wtf at this school assignment

I get what you are saying. I think where we might disagree is that I think high school seniors are old enough to be exposed to this material. They can then form their own opinion based on the values they learned at home and in school. I don’t think comparing 5 years-old being lectured by drag queens is the same as asking a 17 years-old to “ * Write a scene that begins: ‘It was the first time I killed a man.’

I didn’t realize you were so butt hurt that you came running over here to take a jab at me. Wow.

Weird how you won’t answer the hypothetical…

I am not answering the hypothetical because its too dumb. If your hobby is making shit up and getting pissed over it than by all means have fun.

I didn’t realize there was another option to possessing/distributing child porn other than jail.

It’s the actual scenario playing out in the story, dumbfuck.

I just changed female to male in order to illustrate how limited your reasoning skills are.

As I mentioned earlier I don’t think 17 years-old are children. But you are correct, I am not a parent.

There is a big difference between asking a specific person to do something versus asking the whole group to do something. Here my hypothetical 17 years-old daughter is not targeted.

So you don’t think 17yo are children? Do you try to fuck 17yo? I can tell you that my 17yo daughter isn’t an adult. She is a 4.6 gpa, student athlete and athletic trainer. That is kid shit. She’s a great kid and will be in college in a year and a half. If I compare how much she has grown since she was 15 then I can feel better knowing in college that she will be getting stupid fucking assignments like this and probably a lot worse but until then she is a kid.

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I don’t think 17 years-old are kids and I am not “trying to fuck” them. I am not trying to have sex with 18 years-old either. I am too old for that. This is a weird insinuation. Are you trying to have sex with every adult? So everyone over 18?

Alright, I am out of here. Keep living the dream. 17 years-old girls are victorian princesses who would faint if they heard a swear word or saw a naked man. They need protection from this wicked world.

When grown men say they don’t feel like 17yo are adults and the topics of sex are being brought up…well you can see what that may look like. I’m not the one suggesting that 17yo should be having writing assignments, in a public school, that focus on sex and death and killing people. I am a parent of a 17yo so no I don’t think sexualizing kids through public school is appropriate.

I know I said I was out but I don’t want my position to be misconstrued. I never said that high school seniors should have this assignment. I don’t think anyone said that in this thread. Where we disagree is how serious the issue is. I think its not a big deal. Sounds like most disagree.

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Holy shit @HULC I thought 01 was the oldest join date. Share some wisdom grey bush.

You still haven’t answered why they should be exposed to this material instead of the normal material that has worked (albeit not so well) for years. It’s not like this is some giant leap forward in education. These are topics hardly any sane person writes about as adults.

It’s ducking dumb? Isn’t that what happened in this very story we are discussing?

if those are the other topics in that weirdo book, then that book is sexually deviant, as far as learning texts are concerrned, but NOT “child porn”

the board should resign or be fired, but i dont think charges should or could be brought on them

lesson to all the parents out there…be like Asian parents and stay on top of your kids’ school life like a hawk

He’s certifiably retarded. Definitely a product of public schools.

This is what happens when you send your kids to State schools, people.

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