WTF? Charter Cable STL - No Picture for UFC?

anyone else having this problem? fuckin bullshit!! and their support line is too busy to pick up the call. fags.

That sucks man. I feel for you.

 fuckin sucks

i have no sound or picture on Comcast

Same thing, I have comcast in Sacramento and I'm missing the fucking fights wtf

Central IL

Same here, motherfuck

charter in STL, bought the HD PPV. just stopped right at the Karo fight

charter sux

Well, it was back on for a second - then cut out again.

goodluck getting a refund from them, Charter has the worst customer service ever

good luck even talking to a CS agent...i've been on hold for 25 min

sorry man that sux

 we finally got through before the end of the first fight. hope you other guys got it sorted out too. peace.

I had an audio/video delay problem.... I ordered the HD broadcast ffs! : (

Fuck you At&t

 so did we. no HD next time.