WTF do you mean, Joe Rogan?

How can you stand there and say that........

"you wouldn't even call it a victory"

and "it was an accident"

and shit like that?

A Win, is a Win, is a Win.............

Tap out, Knock out, TKO and stoppage.........

Vitor won by a cut inside of 30 seconds, same as if it had been 30 minutes, what difference does it make?

Vitor has NOTHING to appologize about. He WON fair and square!

he has nothing to apologize for, but everyone knows that was a complete fluke

That's a no contest in any other combat sport. Need a change in the rules........

The difference is Lennox got worked then won by opening a cut and rubbing his glove all over it for 2 rounds and Vitali could have continued. Belfort threw one punch and Couture was seriously hurt. Thats a bad bad injury.

If you think Vitor was "fine with that," then you obviously didn't watch or pay attention to his post-fight interview...

wiggy is correct

That was definetely not a nail in the eye. Probably more like a knuckle or just the glove.

Vitor was NOT "FINE WITH THAT". He was bummed it went the way it did. He is a warroir.

Vitor himself said he didn't want to win that way and he still considered Randy a champ in his heart, so i guess that is how.

Dammit, I did not realize Vitor had finger nails on the backs of his hands...........

He is badder than I thought he was!


xshanex is correct!

It was a legitimate stoppage and would have been a TKO in a boxing match also because the strike was completely legal. Disapointing? Yes, but it was the right decision.

Vitor doesnt deserve any abuse.

However the UFC does, or whoever decided to rule that fight anything but a no contest.

Randy's still the champ in my mind... too mad we're probably going to have a wait till June for UFC 48 to find out

Vitor won it... It wasn't pretty, but give the man his due.

Hopefully if Randy doesn't have permanent damage, he'll get a chance to fight Vitor in April or later.

Lets hope Tito v Chuck provides us a good challenger.

His first response was simply the feeling that the fans in attendance, did NOT get to see the AWESOME fight in which they were expecting to see, thats all.