WTF Donnie Osmond?

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It’s kinda good but weird since he’s clearly singing about viagra

I know him; he’s a good guy, a hard worker, & probably the “last” classic song & dance man. Last in quotes because there are others that are still alive (Joel Grey, Dick Van Dyke etc.), but they’re all older & mostly retired.


Not terrible but he looks silly dancing around like he’s 18.


I…dont know what to do with this. He is still quite good but its weird looking at a guy that age singing songs about fucking all night for teenagers.



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And They Called It Puppy Love

Watching Donny in that vid reminds me of the disconcerted, slightly depressed feeling I get watching this video

—My favorite youtube comment on this travolta vid is: “I love how nobody in this knows how to move like a person would”

It’s an old school business model. Pay a passé producer of a somewhat passé music style to do their thing, promote the shit out of it in a niche radio format or country where a very low sales number still gets you on a chart, then add that to your promotional materials to help the morons with money but no cultural insight feel justified in booking your residency in Vegas.

Also gives 'em something to do on talk shows.

It’s no coincidence both of those videos came out shortly before Olivia’s & Donny’s respective residencies.

Glad to see he is still working it.