WTF!!!!!Fedor vs Six Koreans


that was awesome

lol, that's the most I've seen Fedor smiling!

Those guys are very "famous" gag performers here. They run a variety type show, gayest shit in the world... But as stated they are really popular in south korea.

Just to put it in perspective these are the idiots who made "dong-gim" popular again... Which is basically where you do a two finger shocker to someones ass.

onboard this thread early

deepu - lol, that's the most I've seen Fedor smiling!

For a while I thought he was going to roll into a kneebar on the guy in the corner. Oh well.


They should have all rushed him straight away. They wouldn't all have died.

 I don't want to sound gay or anything.....but......asians are weird.


this one is good too.

LMAO, too funny.

it's the real life version of "how many 10 years could you take at once?"


best thing i found to watch on a saturday morning in along time, i'm so glad i had the chance to shake hiz hand and smile. because i don't speak Russian, suckz for me.
Fedor iz my hero.. ;)

So awesome. You gotta love Fedor.

Like a lion attacking pack of hyenas. Together they could win but all are afraid to be the one who has to deal with the maw.