WTF happened to Fitch/Thiago?

  Is this not happening?

 Wondering the same thing.

 My buddy is there and they did not show it before the

Will happen after Lesnar/Mir since GSP/Alves went to decision.

Swing bout. It's scheduled to take place between the two main event fights, but if the show is going slowly (i.e. if a championship fight goes all five rounds), they move it until after the main event - whether that means it makes the live broadcast or takes place after the cameras stop rolling.

 Depending on how fast the main event finishes it may or may not be broadcast on ppv (if there's time left).

So there's a chance there will be only 4 fights on a PPV? WTF?

I have steam coming out of my ears right now.

We better see this fight or a good pre-lim after this main event.

I just don't understand how other events manage to show so many more fights while we get less and less from the UFC....ah well, I'm drunk and getting ornery.

PTSandman - Will happen after Lesnar/Mir since GSP/Alves went to decision.

They just announced to the crowd that it will happen after this fight...which prolly won't take long

no way Mir/Lesnar goes the distance.

on now