WTF!?!?!?! HL2 no jumping bug!

has anyone else run into this?

you get to the Citadel at the need to jump...and you can't!

not at all....and this is clearly a bug in the game.

YOU CANNOT BEAT THE GAME...or atleast I can't!

duh... and thanks for the spoiler biatch

damn.. I had read somewhere that it was a bug.

and sorry for the spoiler....

status update...just beat the game.

and for the record. that is a no jump bug, cause I connected to steam, updated the game...and all of the sudden I can jump immediately following having my weapons taken from me.

or maybe they thought it was too confusing

" or maybe they thought it was too confusing"

or maybe it was a bug, just like the websites had stated..

or maybe you are right and I'm stupid for arguing about something I have no idea about

LOL - you guys playing this online yet? Just beat the game and started hitting up the servers. Pretty fun action. If you guys are on certain servers or clans - lemme know.

Game name is JiuJitsuThug