wtf I just peed semen

that cannot be normal. I have been having pain in my right ball recently. The pain goes from that ball close to my leg. I am freaking out, I dont even know if I find courage to tell this to someone

My gf does that when we sex Phone Post


You should uh, probably get that checked out and, uhhh, maybe lay off the oxys, and uhm yeah... Good luck. Phone Post 3.0

Unclench and release your ball sack, I say! Phone Post 3.0

could be the gonorrhea.

dildo is pressing against your prostate...

Oxy's are rotting your sack son

Get off that shit, its for the birds.

Smoke BHO

Just stroke your cock while you are peeing and it will just be like you are cumming regularly. Phone Post

Thank you for making me appreciate my normality that much more. Phone Post 3.0

If you strengthen your kegels and/or press your taint, you can open the backflow valve in your prostate and send the semen into your bladder when you orgasm, which allows you to continue boning without losing your boner.

Need jerk off? Phone Post 3.0


Not a problem until you burp or poop semen.

I do have very dense/thick saliva

also very white

STD Phone Post

fob -

Not a problem until you burp or poop semen.

This Phone Post 3.0

Sounds like an STD. Small chance of UTI

dont you even joke about me having std. I knew immediately that my coworker must have all kinds of diseases and I HAVE touched things after her. Could I get it that way? But I clean my hands fairly often