WTF is a burpee?

I figure WIGGY will know. never heard of these.

Did you go to junior high?!

thanx for the link.

i did go to jr. hs by the way.

i'm also a personal trainer, just never came across that before

Thanx Wiggy

I knew you'd be lurking and come through with the answer. Appreciate it.

Hey I've got a personal question, don't answer if you don't want to, but how much to you make, say, per week or month doing PT?

we never did burpees in school.

we did squat thrusts which are similar.

i charge $40 an hr. five clients, 4 times a week each. $800 cash, clear a week.

and i consider myself part time cause I work 9-5.


are you a certified PT? If so which one(s)? What is your area of specialization?


planning to incorporate burpees into your clients' workout sessions? good idea if ya do. :)

if 9-5 is part-time then what is full time? sorry but the math doesn't add up: 8(workin 9-5) * 4 (times a week) = 32(hrs a week) * $40(hr rate) = $1280.00 a week doesn't quite mean the same as $800, which is from collecting $200/week from each of your 5 clients. just trying to understand the math.

ayla18...sorry if i was unclear. i consider myself a part time PT. I have another full-time job from 9-5.

ah i see, thanks for the correction. not bad pulling $800 part-time then.

Burpees will seperate the serious from the not. I've had clients literally beg me not to make them do them. Hell, I hate em too. That's why I do them. Just make sure your clients are coordinated enough (and not too overweight)to handle them at first. Do them early in the workout.