WTF is causing this?

When I walk or run until I start to sweat, I get twitchy all over my legs. I had the same thing years ago. It's not like a twitch or spasm in the entire muscle, but like loads of tiny twitches on my calves, thighs etc.

Anyone have any idea what it is? It's not causing me any discomfort, it's just a bit strange.

Too much sodium perhaps?

Thanks in advance,


Thanks for the response, but I doubt it. I drink a hell of a lot of water everyday.

Staying properly hydrated is more than just taking in water. If you sweat you are losing minerals and electrolytes in addition to the water. So, those need to be replaced as well. Quite often muscle twitches and/or cramping is because of mineral and electrolyte imbalance. If you're sweating a lot make sure you're replacing everything and not just fluid volume.

Best in Health and Training, J. R.

Cheers dude. I think it just must be something strange with my body. I eat very healthy, make sure I eat enough salt/potassium. As I said above, it's not causing me any problems, it just seems a little strange.