WTF is going on here?


Performance art by Corpus Dance Project in Montreal. Really, really weird…

Cool post!

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These are just some lefties doing there thing

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Strange people

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“We call that a Tuesday at my house”



I would do that for 100 an hour

Step 1: Crave attention

Step 2: Do the stupidest shit imaginable and film it.

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Just because i was born as a left handed, i might have to learn how to do stuff with my right hand. I hate left.

I heard these people get a free Krispy Kreme donut for this.

It’s not so long ago that they would have all been locked up for life in an institution, unable to breed more of themselves into the world. And here we are now.

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That explains it. They’re French Canadian.

I wonder if they’d break character if you sent in a gay guy with a hard-on who’s dressed like a ram