Did they just create another boogeyman?

Christ, Trump is out of office for less than a year and here we go again.

How come for four years we didn’t hear anything from the Taliban, ISIS or create any new terrorist organizations?

I wasn’t a huge Trump fan, but the minute these war mongers are back in power the news changes right back to terrorists.


Delta variant of ISIS


ISIS K is how they are going to make their money back after 4 years of trump not going to war

dumbest voters on the planet




A new party drug.

Kilo variant. Do you even phonetic alphabet bro?


Afghan rap trio

It’s just so obvious how the foreign policies differ.

Honestly, how much was terrorism in the news during Trump’s term?

Now we have Americans being killed again and we’re off to war.

I thought it was a new face mask. Got my hopes up.

It’s the Korean pop version of ISIS


Look at all of the mayhem those cavemen have caused and they did it without wearing masks and not being vaccinated. You would think they should all be dead from COVID-19.

ISIS khorasan province

“Off to war”…

They appear to be hastily pulling out of a 20 year war, bro.

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They’ve been around for years and controlled much of eastern Afghanistan up until 2ish years ago. They’re a franchise of ISIS core (Iraq and syria) there’s other franchises throughout the world.

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I hope it stays that way. The corporate media and the military industrial complex are working on the base of both parties right now

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If anyone actually cares

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Just saying: this particular clusterfuck is happening as we are attempting to pull out of the war. The agreement was set in motion between us and the Taliban 18 months ago.

Not war-mongering at this point. It would be war-mongering if an Islamist attack provokes the U.S. into more war.

God damn. Check the body-counts on that list of attacks they’ve allegedly committed.

It’s probably way more, fuck those guys they can all eat all the hellfires.

Taliban guys pretending to be isis. The Olde swicherroo