WTF is Leo's New UK BJJ BB thread?



My friend, Darren Currie's wife was promoted to black belt by Chris Haueter this past week. Darren has been involved in SBGI for quite a while so I figured some people knew him here.

That is all it was about.

Well that's excellent news! I met them both when I was training @ Karl's for the first time! Both were very cool and as I remember it Helen (somewhy I remember her name was Helen BUT I suck at remembering names) had really slick jiu-jitsu. I had the honor of introducing them guard-surfing for the first time:P


It was just at least on my comp your last thread said that "thread moved or timed out".


Yes, said the same thing on my computer.

I believe Helen is the first European female black belt. That is also quite an accomplishment.