WTF is this crap? Putting Mario on the spot Joe?

Wow, most unprofessional thing I've seen in MMA ever. WTF is that? Okay if you didn't agree with the DQ fine, but putting the ref on the spot like that? WTF Joe?!

I agree Phone Post

 Yeah, not cool, Joe. Not very professional, IMO

Yea,he acts like he never sees things outside of whats actually happening.

Da playmaker17 - I agree Phone Post

It was awesome. Ever ref should be put on the spot after their bullshit decisions Phone Post

i dont think joe did anything wrong here

He was right bout time someone put shitty decisions on blast. Nice one joe.

i like that he put him on the spot. marios a moron Phone Post

Instant replay needed Phone Post

How you going to call out the ref like that? Also, 100% right call. Dude was going to town on the back of his head. Just because your pinky is hitting the side of the head does not mean your fist and FOREARM are not crushing the back of the skull. Phone Post

Entertaining at

Not being put on the spot, he asked how he felt about the call after seeing the replay Phone Post


 Not cool.

That is his Job. Like he has said, he has less than two minutes to think of questions to ask. He has explained that he tries to ask questions that people would want to hear answers to. I think he did exactly that. Looked like a professional interviewer instead of a commentator/comedian.

Lookout Mazzagatti, you're next.

-Joe Rogan

GBDazzler - He was right bout time someone put shitty decisions on blast. Nice one joe.

the refs should have to answer for their shitty calls

joe needs someone to put him in his place. you just interview the fighters and commentate the fights, don't fucken play cop inside the octagon.