Wtf is this shit ? Is this the new normal

So I’m trying to contact Vanguard. They have my 401k

Like every other company I’ve dealt with lately their customer service is SHIT !

That’s another thread

But what is this shit ^ this little avitar or character ?!

Who is this supposed to be?

Is this Vanguard or my gay ass company


Diversity is our strength…embrace it or die bigot!



It’s a nun in a pajama before going to bed on a cold night.


What exactly is this thread about?

I wonder why the avatar is faceless?



I’m concerned I can’t get ahold of these idiots. I don’t get it ?
A change of address was a major undertaking.
My beneficiary was set at my previous job & rolled that 401k into this one

Shouldn’t need to re register or change again !?

And then they have my character as some woman with a MEGA size heart wearing a ? Muslim headdress or hajib or burka idk wtf it is.
What is this ? I’m gonna call and ask wtf this is about

Next month will it be some character with his ass spread & a :rainbow: shooting out

I’m trusting these weirdos with my $$$

I’ve had a shitty last couple months. Feel like I’m coming undone lol

Thinking about selling the house , cashing in my 401k , total purge and moving to Costa Rica or Thailand.

It’s not about this , it’s about a dozen weird things & ?? On my part

Living to retirement age is not appealing, thinking of retiring now
Maybe 10 years or so of living & then jump into canyon or fentanyl overdose


Hah…she’s walking away with your 401k.


LGBTQFGHIJKLMNOP Muslim woman on her way to the abortion clinic.


I’ve been trying to update my vanguard account (401k)
Shit that should already be done. It was fine but now missing my beneficiary & I can’t get ahold of them. The online thing isn’t working, busy when I called & not open today

They sent me this weird ass letter ? With this weird ass character on it

What is the reason for this ? Why is that character on there

I find it really weird ? Is that their mascot ?

OP are you saying representation matters?

Do you not see it, so you dont think you can be it?

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Dude ! It makes you wonder wtf :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Lol I’m laughing but find it disturbing

christian bale joker GIF

Let’s face it, the days of seeing white representation in pretty much any type of advertising is all but over. We’re nothing but tokens now and are almost always mixed in with 5 other shades of people.

It’s all just demoralization tactics.


I don’t want any weird character on my corespondents

I’m gonna ask them to change mine to a :tiger2: or :bear: or :rhinoceros:

I’d prefer no weird lady figure

How about a # or website that works !

It is pretty common. I have gone to war with my retirement investment companies. Imbeciles.

Mass mutual, hartford. etc…

Mass mutual customer service was in some small town northeast. The only other thing in the town is a prison. I used to tell them they were too stupid to pass the IQ test for getting a prison job.

Amazing that they hold millions of peoples money. Dont trust them with shit.

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are you a cable guy (or lady)

or do you just love cox

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Vanguard, run by a jew. A muzz. It is very strange. They are unbelievably strange and socially destructive people.


Don’t you dare assume my gender you !
My pronoun or nickname is giant heart Muslim lady

Yeah I’m not worried about that lol :joy:
But no I’m not a cable guy more finance side

I was doxxed on here years ago (kind of)
A girl I was fucking was shown her picture on here lol

But cool :sunglasses: man you’re very observant

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Exactly it’s beyond weird

Do we need a positive SJW character with a giant heart & religious attire on my financial documents ?