WTF is with the NL Central???

Almost all winter long we went back and forth over who had the best pitching, and whose bullpen would be better. We pondered how additions and losses would affect a team's "ranking" against the others. We wondered if the Cardinals would have the pitching to compete with Houston and Chicago, or if Pittsburgh's young guys would come up big like some of us thought they could. And then the season starts.............

Four of the top five offensive teams in the National League are in the Central. St. Louis, Houston, and Chicago are the only teams so far to hit the 90-run mark. Milwaukee is one run behind the boys from Coors for fourth. The Cards, Cubs, and Astros are all hitting at least .295 AS A TEAM. Four of the five teams to hit 20 HR so far are from the Central. The NLC has three of the top four teams in doubles, three teams tied for the league in triples, the top 3 in slugging percentage, 3 of the top 4 in OBP.......

Anybody else surprised by the offensive fireworks so far in a division that was SUPPOSED to be pitching dominated??

I would say so far the Cubs are the big offensive surprise. We knew St. Louis & Houston could hit. We knew the Cubs would hit better, but I've never seen them hit this well as a team since - dare I say it - 1984.

Yep, I said it.

The wind was blowing out big time at Wrigley last week. And hasn't Houston been at home a lot lately? That is like hitting in a silo. So I'm sure there are reasons & I'm sure it will eventually even out, but I'm interested in what others think.

Houston's hit much better on the road (6 games) than at home (9) this year. Odd.

The Cubs' NL-Central leading team ERA is 7th in the Nat'l League.

Well the Houston/St Louis game is a pitcher's duel tonight. Right now it is 1-1 in the bottom of the 9th.

No one EVER claimed the Cardinals had any pitching. They hit as well or better than every team in baseball though. My hope is that they will stay in the mix in the Central and pick up a couple GOOD pitchers around the trade deadline. I would say 1 GOOD starter and 2 really good relievers.

Their relievers looked pretty sharp tonight. Mike Lincoln is tough, and we all know Isringhausen can be good.

Andy Fletcher BLEW that call at third in the 6th, Everett clearly beat the tag, but Fletcher couldn't see because he didn't get into position to ACTUALLY SEE THE FUCKING PLAY. Of course, what happens? Next batter singles.........

hawkeye as much as i hate to say it the surprise of the Central has to be Cincy!!!! both offensively and defensively.

"hawkeye as much as i hate to say it the surprise of the Central has to be Cincy!!!! both offensively and defensively."

Not to me. Their everyday lineup is pretty tough. With Griffey, Dunn, Kearns, & Casey that's a good middle of the order. The problem for them will be when a couple of them go down the depth is terrible.