WTF is wrong w/ Soundground?

I just recently started posting on here and there are some cool discussions, but man some of this shit is out of control.

Much like the OG is cool change of pace from the UG, I thought the SG would the same, not at all. Not that anyone gives a shit, but I think I'll quit posting over here.

cya on the OG

jman has been a well respected member of the SoundGround for some time. Always had stuff to contribute. I understand what you are saying, man. Armbreaker here is convinced that everyone who doesn't agree with him must be gay. But then he asks how others function in the real world. I'll give you a hint, buddy: I can discuss a subject with someone without calling them a fag, whether I agree with them or not. I can handle someone not seeing a piece of music the same way I do without demeaning them.

The SoundGround is fine. Some people just don't get it. Fucking anger issues,I guess.

See ya at NAMM!

Who hurt you jman? Where did he touch you!!?!?!

Armbreaker, I'm done with this. You just go ahead and post any way you want. I'm here to talk gear. That is my primary purpose in posting. I no longer care what you say to Diggs or what he says to you. If it bothers me I'll use the ignore function, I guess that's what it's for.

I can't change people, I'm sorry we see this differently. I just want to talk music and the gear we use to make it.