WTF is wrong with people?

There are threads all the time on here about guys who are full of shit. We have all met them, guys who make up or drastically exaggerate their fighting or grappling experience to look cool at a party, or the club or whatever. But then there is another level of the bullshitter: the guy who actually believes his lies and comes in to the gym to show off. We had a guy come into the gym last night (I belong to a boxing gym) that came in and said he was a former national golden gloves champ and that he was a pro and that he had some really impressive credentials. He was 35 and he just wanted to get back into it. So they get they put him in with a 17 year old girl. (She looks like a boy with headgear on)She's got some ligitimate skills. No one told him that it was a girl and she lit him up. Afterward when she took her headgear off and he found out he had been totally owned and proven a fraud. He started crying and said we humilated him. I told him he did it to himself.

WTF is wrong with people?


too much ego perhaps?

That's funny as hell.

"He started crying and said we humilated him." "I told him he did it to himself."

You were correct Buddie.


That's ok. I had a TMA tell a friend of mine that he's now doing cage fighting. When I said the events this TMA claimed never happened, the story changed.

People should never claim to have done things they have not.

Buddie, where are you training now?

I just had my second Muay Thai fight in 6 months this weekend and won it via leg kicks. I may be able to fight for a local title in a bit over a month and I need to get my hands working MUCH better. I'd love to get together for some training.

J. R.

I tell you Dougie, I am a cagefighter!!!! That lobster gave me some trouble, but I got the thing against the side of the cage and cracked it open.

Canario by TKO

JR that is awsome! Glad to hear you are doing so well! I am traing at the Rodarte Center in Greeley again. Drop me an e-mail at and we'll work something out. We have some pretty decent heavyweights training with us as well.

The coaches are pretty knowledgable and its a great facility. I know they would be really happy to help you out with some work on your punches.

Maybe you could even help me work on my kicking game (watching me try to kick with my left leg is so akward its painful to watch).

Talk to you soon!


The best is when a guy talks about his skills, then you let him spar and you never see him again. The best story I have of late, a guy came to the gym talking he was a pro. We called BS. Then he changed his story to he was amatuer but got paid for one fight under the table, Bs again. The guy spared, was in good shape but you could tell he was no fighter. My trainer said he could get the guy a fight. Well the guy said, "I'll have to call my trainer to see if I am ready." His "trainer" lives about 1,000 miles away. Needless to say we haven't seen him in a while.

A 17yo girl lit up a 35yo man???

Was he built like... a 17yo girl too?

look asshole, i havent practist in a few months...and she was pretty big too