WTF Nick Diaz

here is my opinion on the whole nick diaz thing. i love nick diaz as a fighter. he is great for the sport in the ring or the cage. he brings it 100% every fight. BUUUUUUT he made a mistake. he will deal with the consequences. it doesnt matter what drug or how much he did something he wasnt supposed to do. stop with the petitions and the begging and pleading of athletic commisions etc. he did something wrong, got caught and is sitting because of it. dont make excuses. if the commisson makes an example of him GREAT. whatever is needed to keep that crap out of the sport

nick will sit out and come back a better and smarter fighter, both in and out of the ring and hopefully this decision by the NSAC will deter people from doing ANY kind of drugs. keep the sport clean

nick beat the shit out of gomi, that's all that matters.

i am a Diaz fan as much as the next guy but i cant petition or email or call or beg for a change in the decision just cuz i guy i like to watch fight messed up. the whole "diaz is my boy" or "diaz is my favorite fighter so let him off" thing is very weak.

"nick beat the shit out of gomi, that's all that matters"

Gomi beat the shit out of Nick as well.

"Gomi beat the shit out of Nick as well."

Nick choked the piss out of Gomi and made him tap like a girl.

smoking MJ should be MANDATORY before fights IMO.. lets see what kinda skill you've really got..

you've got to be a bad motherfucker to fight stoned.. :)

Nick Diaz:

Takanori Gomi: