WTF No Strikeforce in Orlando until 1 AM

Legend of the Seeker will air in it's place. Strikeforce will be delayed until after 1. Station mgt says it's because they already had it planned and want to launch "Seeker, a late night shitty show. I call bullshit.

If you're in Central Florida and want to see the fights live let Local 6 know.

The GM's name is Skip.

WOW! That is complete bullshit! This sucks man, we were going to have friends over, fucking assholes at CBS 6. I wonder how many other stations around the country are going to screw fans out of a live show? This will certainly not help people get exposed to Fedor, especially if other shithead stations are doing the same thing.

 that fuckin sucks.. that would be about 10pm pacific time right?  damn and i thought the west coast had it bad.

 Just made this same thread.

This is fucking GARBAGE.

Really puts a damper on this whole event.

If their customers speak up and let them know they want the fights I would hope they can go ahead and fix their mistake.

 ^ Everyone who wants to see this Live in Central Florida should call them and tell them..

407- 291- 6000 (Between 8am and 5pm) Local 6 CBS Programming.

The more calls the better.. lets go UG Mob!!

 Everything I have seen says Strikeforce will start at 9pm (orlando time).  I got Brighthouse and it shows it starting then on Saturday as well.

 ^ Liar. Mine doesnt.

I talked with the station, they are not airing it until 1:35 AM. Instead it's the epic Legend of the Seeker.

Bluenamer if you could....

 find an internet stream ; )

CBS corporate said they had success with national sales. And their advertisers won't be happy if their expensive ads are airing at 1am in markets like Orlando. This situation can't be too wide spread.

I wonder how the local CBS-6 team did with their ad sales? Maybe Legend of the Seeker brought in more revenue for the local affiliate?

 for btr740

 ^ Check your guide, see what time you get it at

Thx caposa

 I just checked my Dish Network tv guide...IT'S NOT ON THERE AT ALL!!!

I dunno. This sounds pretty bad ass...

Legend of the Seeker: 2 Hour Premiere - After unlocking his magical powers, a simple woodsman teams up with a mysterious woman and a sage old wizard to stop a ruthless tyrant from enslaving the world.

That is pretty messed up. I'd be pissed. Don't know what's up with the "stream" peeps. That's not the same.

Legend seekers FTW.

If FL is east coast why the delay then? 

They're delaying because station mgt has some sort of hidden agenda. Bullshit!

I hope this doesnt apply to north FL