WTF? Rickson on Natnl.Geogrphc?

Anyone else see the preview of some show on National Geographic called, the science of fighting, or something to that effect. The hottest part was when some muay thai dude kneed some guy and they simulated how the dude who got knee'd would fly away and how the impact was like getting hit by a car at 35mph. That some shit rite? Then they showed Rickson Gracie. Who else caught this?

My friend TIVOed it, watching it thursday.


I saw that show and thought it was really, really bad.

I was a bit skeptical until I saw the impact simulations and Rickson. I was thinking to myself why they couldnt get any well known dudes to represent the fighting styles until I saw Rickson. Added some legitimacy to the show, and that Muay thai dude looked nasty.

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