WTF @ this guitar


You could peel off 650-700 notes per minute when its on automatic. No silencer though. I wouldn't try and take it to the airport either.I actually saw a lot of guitars similar to that when I was in Japan. I don't know what to tell you though. $200 is a decent price.What a monstrosity!

Cool in a retarded way. ;P

There was a guitar player with Alice Cooper in the later years of Alice's carreer that played a machine gun guitar. It was actually a bit MORE accurate if I recall. Ronnie Montrose had one too, but his was SO well made that it was a work of art,checkered grip on the stock,Bushnell scope,it was hilarious.

small body = small sound. there's a reason why Les Pauls are so heavy

Alice Cooper's guitarist was Kane Roberts, he used a guitar like that...that was such an awesome show-

LOL, that still cracks me up.

I bet that is the guitar- Roberts shot sparks out of it...the pictured one looks like it could do that-

No Shootozen, this is Kane with his "guntar".As you can see it is larger and more detailed.

LOL........I remember that dude breaking a guitar's neck over his knee at the end of a show.

LOL...Rock 'n Rambo

Now thats a gun! I mean guitar!


Reminds me of when I saw KISS a while back, Ace played this godawful solo, but when it was over he shot fireworks out of his guitar and knocked down some stage lights. Then his guitar started smoking! Great solo!

Remember the "Freedom" video by Alice? Kane breaks the guitar at the end, pure cheese.

Great lyrics too:

"Freedom, were going to ring the bell,
freedom to rock, freedom to talk"