WTF UFC Tickets Sold Out Already?

UFC 78 tickets (below $500) are sold out already??? I remember I used to be able to get any priced tickets like just the week before. Of course, this is goin' back like to UFC 39. But still. I'm pissed because I don't want to drop 5 bills and change on Evans-Bisping! The reason I'm bitching is because I was planning to stay the night too. That'll be $1,000 (at least)! If Randy, Wanderlei, etc. were the main event (or fighting at all!) I'd say, "f@ck it, it's money well spent.", but...

P.S. I know, I know... I need to stop being a cheap KKM and/or get a better job - I'll save you the trouble.

What do you do for work? Your dad probably owns a restaurant.


dude, 500 bucks is a lot of money...don't feel bad about complaining.

they always sell out , then all the cheaps ones become available after people find out they cant scalp them. it happens almost every UFC.

probably isn't very comforting since you have to line up your travel/hotel but like others are saying there's a very good chance plenty of tickets will be available at reasonable prices come event time.

You'll be able to show up at the venue and get a cheap seat at this one, no problem.

PPV is Your friend

That is a fucking disgrace how all the pro scalpers bought all the tickets up so that they could sell them for 3X the amount. But the dumb fucks don't realize no one will buy them considering the main event. So they are going to get stuck with the tickets.

My question is why do we in the Northeast always get second rate cards with primarily B list matches. Waited years for the UFC to come back this way and Bisbing is the goddamn headliner!

..."PPV is Your friend"

Yeah, we're very closely acquainted. Good times.

"lol @ the greek joke"

Thanks. It's OK because I'm Greek also. It's like a black guy saying the "N" word. It's all good! LOL.

So you mean I can't say the "N" word? gulp

UFC 2 Scott Smith disapproves.