WTF w/ medical testing Royce-Saku?

Why is there so much controversy and medical testing for the Royce-Saku event? Why is it all so last minute? Why are there issues such as Royce turning in relevant info, the event being sanctioned, etc. so last minute?

Who the f knows these days.

They needed to turn in all med records, the A/C will be dicks about anything they can. It isnt just K1, they do it to all events. k1 should have known about thier promoters license, they have had K1s in Vegas....

bmj said on sirius radio before UFC71 that saku's ekg's were in question with the commission. didn't say anything about royce.

because K-1 are a bunch of yahoos

Vegas is in Nevada, not California. I am surprised that Sak was cleared.

i am also surprised sak got cleared