wtf was frank shamrock doin?

frank is a business man first and foremost.

but why did he insist on trying to "beat cung at his own game?"

he got his ass beat, got his face fucked up and a broken arm!

rematch = $$$$$$?????

gave an old friend his word.

fuck that

he knows a rematch with cung (maybe 2?) and a possible fight with tito will makie him alot of cash

his face wasnt that bad, Cung's face looked far worst that franks...But yeah man, Cung Le definetly ran a clinic on the feet

Frank isn't some take down specialist. I don't know why people seem to think he is. He is great on the ground. But he doesn't tend to take people there off double legs. It's usually out of the clinch or catching his opponent off balance, which, he tried twice yet, was un-successful.

If you watch Cung's was dealing with Frank's attempt to flop to the guard.

Framk belived his own hype.

He knocked out Baroni (c level fighter) and reckoned he could take out a A level striker at his own game.

He got served.

There is no more to it than that. His train is stopped. Only nut huggers think he is any better than what he actually is.

I swear to God, Cung is going to have to beat Anderson Silva via Flying Armbar before people give him respect.


Frank has never been that great at takedowns. The few times he tried he didn't come close.

SFM, did you see my 6 month SN bet thread? I won and completely owned the guy like never before...

A good laugh for all.


who was it?

Shamrock should have tried to catch Le's leg when he kicked and took him down.

  • frank is a business man first and foremost. -

Looks like it , he wasn't even serious thoughout the fight .

What a stupid game plan.

It's like Frank and Cung were gettin it on, and Gazzy showed up with a pizza. Frank was like, "Hell ya I want some pizza," but Cung was all in his way going "You can't have no pizza." So Frank didn't get any pizza.

Cung owned Frank but it was because Frank did try to brawl him he
tried to out technique him.

I think this will work....Link

St Louis MMA = EastStLouisCungGuzzler

Frank is great at submissions, but he is not a good wrestler. Le has a collegiate wrestling background. Shamrock could not take him down. He was hoping to hurt Le with power and gas him out. The problem was that Le did not gas, some of Shamrock's wind was taken away by Le's side kicks to the body, and Le broke Shamrock before Shamrock could KO him.

Didn't Frank have an extensive wrestling background ?

Cung has much better wrestling than Frank, he had no choice but to stand.

When you talk about Cung's "extensive wrestling background", don't forget that he's probably in his mid 30s and that background ended over a decade ago. I don't want to say this was a WORK, because there was a fluke injury that ended it, but Frank could've ended that fight whenever he wanted to. I've seen him spar harder than that, not to mention his fights. I'm sure if he destroyed Cung, it would impact his profits from future strikeforce events because Cung's reputation would be shattered and he does sell A LOT of tickets in San Jose ($$$). That should've been called what it was, an exhibition match. I don't like either one of these guys as fighters, but in a real fight, Frank would beat the hell outta Cung. P.S. don't forget that one of Frank's students (former student?) Brian Ebersole actually beat Cung Le (but was robbed when san jose judges gave Cung the win).