WTF? Why all the love for jews on the OG?



Hmmm. Looks like the OG has a problem and it’s not anti-jewish sentiments. Which is something I suspected a long time ago.

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Every date I’ve gone on with a Jewish chick, I’ve gotten at least a blowjob.

Even from ones where I thought I was making it obvious that there wasn’t going to be a 2nd date.

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I banged an Israeli chick a long time ago. Met her through my uncle, who was engaged to the girl’s mother.

I found out later on from my grandmother (Godbless her soul), that the young Israeli girl wanted to marry me to get her greencard (she was an Israeli citizen). Of course I never married her, but it was a fun ride while it lasted.

I’d bang all these Yentas

Natalie Portman Fashion GIF

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I think Israeli women are pretty underrated when it comes to being hot.

Every year at the SHOT Show, just about every Israeli country there has a couple of absolute smoke shows working their booths.

Two years ago, there was one across the aisle from out booth that had two that were so insanely hot it was distracting me from doing my job.

It also brought a shitload of extra traffic to our booth, but you could tell some of them weren’t interested in our business and were just there to creepily check them out.

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i love Jewish women , across the Jewish spectrum

and i love Jewish threads that turn into us dirty talking our lust for Jewish/Israeli chicks…not into the Jewish threads about conspiracies and new world order shit lol


LOL that reminds me of a girl that walked up to me at the mall a few years back. She was working the facial cream booth or some shit. She was very friendly with a nice smile (they picked the right girl for the job). The tay-tays on the girl looked fucking phenomenal. I could tell she was an Israeli based on her accent. I’ve been around those people before, so I can sort of tell.

Feel free to post pics of hot Jewish women.







Soup, who is the girl in your av?


Sweet Anita (born 28 July 1990) is an English Twitch streamer and YouTuber. She was diagnosed with a rare form of Tourette’s syndrome with coprolalia at the age of 24.

Check out her youtube @



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