WTF!!! Why?

Blue name please 

Why you judging, fool.....? 



What are their screen names...? 



Just dumbfounded right now

I've got nothing for this...

Don't you dip your toe in the water before you dive in?

Wait, so the form that enthusiasticly promotes  eating ass thinks this crosses the line?

Scratch and sniff 

Can’t stop watching this 


eeewwwww she is smoking 

Why? What in the fuck are they thinking?

who ever thought "I'll bet my asshole smells terrific. Please dig around in there and let me smell what u can get on your finger"



The world is a strange place.

dude came so close to pulling off a Dirty Sanchez

I just dont get why. :(

WTF.  Who does that and why?

I guess I won't even bother asking for a play-by-play.