WTF with Noah?

I seriously don't get it, you bone a chick for 6 months, she thinks you are cheating on her, you bail from a chance in a lifetime to explain shit to her?

Is it me being too insensitive or should he have just said WTF?

Is it that hard to get a women where he lives? If so, MOVE MAN!!!!!

The power of the kitty. Damn that is powerful stuff!

What did she look like?

She had better damn well be looking like some kind of god damn goddess!!!


I actually saw the photo and it was a picture of Tito's basketball, from
which he'd had an intimate relationship with for over two weeks!

He's going to the nearest land fill to find the ball or a replacement to
love on.

It's not so much that I give a rats ass about NOah, Its just that it really bewilders me that a person can give up on a dream so easily.

Hell, I'd kill to be there!!

I think it was a Dear John Letter. LOL, otherwise why would he get so freaky. Jody got his girl and he doesn't want to lose face in front of the guys. See it in the Army all the time.

"Is it that hard to get a women where he lives? If so, MOVE MAN!!!!!"

Imagine how many women he could have had just from his little celebrity status if stayed with it and competed on the finals card.

I shit you not! It would have been pussy galore!!!!

Dear Noah,

I am writing to tell you that I must break off this relationship. The time apart has made me rethink our relationship. I think we should see other people. I dont want you to feel obligated to have me on your mind while trying to win this ufc contract. Believe me it has been hard on me. I am crying all the time, I have felt alone in all this. The only support I have had is my friend Jody, you remember him, he is the guy who works at the Texico down the road from my house. He has been a great support for me. Your dog loves him too. You should see the way he looks at Jody, when he stops by to offer me words of condulences and give me a shoulder to cry on. Your parents really seem to love him too, they took us out to Red Lobster the other night. I am very lucky to have friends like this. Maybe the time apart will make us stronger.


Suzy R.