What the fuck happened to the "Imagin if it was Rickson thread"? Did I make someone mad? Are we goiong to far questioning Rickson? Who is the mod going around not letting anyones feelings get hurt today?


What the hell does that have to do with the thread we were on?

i agree, way overboard jerkoffs

email him... it might have been lost in the shuffle

lol chris being treated like a judo troll

It didn't get lost in anything. it was at the top and me and Fletch were finally about to go at it again. Well I guess we are back to friends :)

I am leaving now this friggin sucks.

Can we do it in my forum or will they delete that too?

I believe it was because you were bitchslapping a bunch of "BJJ" posers.


I moved i to the What If forum.....Now everyone breathe.

It's still alive, just where it belongs.Everyone quit flying off the handle at nothing.

climbs off handle I was getting ready to fly off of


Off topic, but I just wanted to say congrats on your PRIDE BUSHIDO fight. Way to stay composed and come back to beat him (again). Hats off to your poise and ability. Always been a fan of your ground game in your fights, good to see you got a chance at a big show. Any plans on coming back in the future?

Whew! :-)

TheAdonis, clarification?

Chris its ok my thread got deleted as well where i said all of royce fans give bjj a bad name.

You said a lot more than that.

It's ok Hollywood, I don't like my kitchen sink either, everyone keeps dumping dishes in there, thinking of installing a toilet in it's place to fix that problem....maybe the "what if" is kinda like a toilet?


spank yes i did but didnt want to sit here another 15 min and type itout. bottom line u guys are taking sides and its making u look dumb IMO...


This happened many times. The mods have chased off Igor Vochanchin and Carlao Barreto.

"spank yes i did but didnt want to sit here another 15 min and type itout. bottom line u guys are taking sides and its making u look dumb IMO..."

Not at all, just being fair.

King Yoshida if anyone here needs to chill out it's you buddy.You've been spamming the place with your oh so clever "Gracie Jiu-Cheatsu" threads.We get the point, knock it off.You've been given warnings and continue.I'm just doing my job, and im being more than fair imo as i have yet to ask for *anybody* to be banned.

The sheer numbers of trolling posts and new screenames popping up is mind boggling.If i move a thread wrongly, or a post gets deleted that isn;t in the wrong then my mistake i'll apologise no problems.All the disrespectful bickering is/was out ofhand.This particular "Rickson" thread was fine, and i didn't want it deleted so it got moved to where it would be more appropriate in my opinion.If you have a problem with how i do things then email Kirik.I stand by my actions.