wu tang overrated

there faggots I said it. Sure they're alright but its like the hipster hiphop group to like and you know what else

they just happen to be NOT THAT GOOD

Come at me Phone Post 3.0

0/10 weak troll

jason73 - 0/10 weak troll


36 chambers is still in the top 5 GOAT album list Phone Post 3.0

Statistically proven to be lyrically superior, fren.

It's science.


i swear on thegee ever getting laid again this is how I've felt for years Phone Post 3.0

StolenFromReddit - 36 chambers is still in the top 5 GOAT album list Phone Post 3.0
To you, to me its not even top 15 Phone Post 3.0

This will not end well for OP. As we all know, you don't fuck with the Wu Tang Clan Phone Post 3.0

op had to get it off his chest Phone Post 3.0



agreed. When they are on, they are awesome. But they put out a lot of crap too. Seeing them lip sync recently sucked too.

KidPittsburgh -
jason73 - 0/10 weak troll

. Phone Post 3.0

"Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing ta F' Wit"

WuTang Clan

OP better rotecr Phone Post 3.0

protect his neck.

thats what i meant. Phone Post 3.0

BLACK ROOSTER - OP better rotecr Phone Post 3.0
U got better lyrics then them Phone Post 3.0

diversify your bonds JMO

I fuckin sew your asshole shut and keep feedin ya and feedin ya and feedin ya!! Phone Post 3.0

You've gone too far with your trolling, son. Phone Post 3.0

keep sayin I'm trolling to make u homos feel better Phone Post 3.0