WV ABKJ Tri-State Results 5/6/06

***Note these are the preliminary results.

Super Fight Results

Purple and Above Invitational Absolute Tournament

1- Dustin Ware (Gurgel)

2- Gavin Enck (Rosendo Diaz/ Royler Gracie)

3- Dustin Hazlett/ Jeremy Walters (Gurgel)

No Gi Super Fight

Joao Herdy (Monteiro - Rio, Brazil) defeats Adam Jones (Gurgel - West Virginia, USA) via flying armbar :08 seconds

No Gi

150 and under

1- Donald Tennant (Phil Davis/ Randy Bloom)

2- Vince Herman (Higher Power)

3- Alex Dauphin (Monteiro/Advanced BKJ)


1- Chris Martindale (Monteiro/Advanced BKJ)

2- Nathaniel Fitzsimmons (Phil Davis/ Randy Bloom)

3- Aaron Maynard (Gurgel)


1- Dustin Hazelett (Gurgel)

2- Matt Smith (Crossface Combatives)

3- Dave Vannest (Montiero/Advanced BKJ)


1- Joe Stern (Montiero/Advanced BKJ)

2- Gordon Reeves (Crossface Combatives)

3- Brandon Pierce (Gurgel)

211 and above

1- Josh Rhodes (Independent)

2- Dustin Ware (Gurgel)

3- Daniel Wendolowiki (Independent)

White Belt

150 and under

1- Corey Boyle (Independent)

2- Donald Tennant (Phil Davis/ Randy Bloom)

3- Matt Feathers (Gurgel)


1- Nate Fitzsimmons (Phil Davis/ Randy Bloom)

2- Chad Leonard (Team Curran)

3- Aaron Maynard (Gurgel)


1- James Nutaitis (Phil Davis/ Randy Bloom)

2- Troy Taylor (Gurgel)

3- Jason Hall (Monteiro/Advanced BKJ)


1- Logan West (Capital Jiu-Jitsu)

2- Gordon Reeves (Crossface Combatives)

3- Brandon Pierce (Gurgel)

211 and above

1- Terraun Jones (Independent)

2- Richard Ambrose (Monteiro/Advanced BKJ)

3- Rob Zangary (Monteiro/Advanced BKJ)

Blue Belt Absolute

1- Matt Smith (Crossface Combatives)

2- Dave Vannest (Monteiro/Advanced BKJ)

3- Ernie Skaggs (Gurgel)

Team Results

1- Monteiro/ Advanced BKJ (22 points)

1- Gurgel (22 points)

***Also, note that Team Gurgel had the most super fight competitors and wins

2- Phil Davis/ Randy Bloom (18 points)

3- Crossface Combatives (13 points)

4- Capital Jiu-Jitsu (4 points)

5- Higher Power (3 points)

6- Team Curran (3 points)

This was the best Grappling event held in WV so far!!! I will be sure to support its growth in the future.

I had a great time...but it always helps when you win a BELT!!!

I still had a little bit left over for the No-Gi...I went 3-1...lost in the finals on points

But, for the day, I went 6-1 (5 wins by submission)...

Thanks Butch for having this event.

- Dustin Ware

TTT for Gavin Enck -- Great job sailor!!!!

Gavin is a stud on the mat, and a great guy....

Hell, I went out with him & his girl for dinner and drinks after the event.

All-around great guy!


Gaven looked very impressive against atterson.

GZ- feel free to post your pics up here :)

Great job guys!

BTW- updated team points

You have to know that the school Gavin is from does not aware stripes...also, Gavin, I believe, has been a purple for a few years now.

But, the main thing is that Bryan played the wrong game to beat Gavin.  Gavin has merged his wrestling very well with his BJJ...therefore, playing an wide open guard game does not work well...as Gavin like to isolate limbs and attack at a more methodical pace....not that I would know from training with him...


yeah, he didn't seem to have a problem with the open guard at all... that was crazy

Gaven is one nasty dude. You can't let him get on top. He will destroy with his passing. He has one of the nastiest double under passes I have ever seen. He has been a purple belt for probably a year and half. He is an all around phenomonal grappler and humble guy.

TTT for Crossface Combatives

Mat Smith is a definate up and comer


ttt for my teammate Gavin. His game is awesome, and although he's a loser in real life, his jiu jitsu is great!

-Donald Park


Very True...Gavin tries hard to not come across like a loser, but it is hard when you bring your 4lbs dog named ZEUS to a BJJ class!

How are things going with you?  I hope you get to make it to Columbus for the NAGA in July!!!

- Dustin


TTT for Gavin's personal life being a complete embarrassment. But really, he is an awesome jiu-jitsu player. I'm thinking brown belt....in the year 2015!

Congrats also to Dustin Ware for taking 1st place. Also thanks to him for being so cool and giving Gavin a place to train.


Don't knock that dog dude. That thing is vicious. I'm glad Gavin keeps it in his pink carrying case whenever we hang out.

As for the brown, Rosendo, I'm thinking earlier than 2015. Pink is still "in" as a fashionable color, and we both know that while Gavin has been DYING to break out that pink gi, only a fool would put a purple belt around a pink gi. . . I mean, that would just be ridiculous. Now, a BROWN belt with a pink gi, that's just hot and perfect for a guy of Gavin's physical and social stature.

So, I'm officially starting a petition. Give Gavin his brown belt before pink goes out of style. Nobody wants to see a fat man cry. . .

Dustin -- what's up man? Things are good. drop me an email at rgda_ohio@hotmail.com and let me know what's been up on your end since Pan-Ams.


you guys sure are rough :)

I agree.

Gavin is a loser.

Congrats on the tournament.


Thanks for the props! I hope to make it to Phily this summer with Gavin...I have heard....things...about his crew back home :-)

I am sure it would be a good time!

- Dustin Ware



I need to get with you about some dates, since there are so many shows coming up.

I will definitely do another superfight tourney or two as well.