WV Here I come! West Virginia Giving People Guns In Exchange For Getting The Covid Vaccine


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I would worry they will shoot themselves eventually.

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Iā€™d be down for the lifetime hunting and fishing license!!

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A disease so deadly and a vaccine so effective you have to bribe people to take it and health care workers largely refuse it


Healthcare workers largely refusing it? Where have you seen that? Last I saw, 76% of surveyed health professionals had either been vaccinated or were scheduled to receive it, but that information was from March. As no one has started transmitting 5G signals yet, I assume that 76% has moved up since then, but could be wrong.

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You dont have to worry about that as they are not liberal retards like you and your boyfriend.


I think every healthcare worker I know told me to get it.

T h e F u c k Y o u S m o k i n g ?