WWE 2013 Prediction Thread

Make your predictions for the new year hear.  Royal Rumble winner?  Mania results?  Storylines?  I'm gonna throw out that the main love affair in WWE for 2013 will be Paul Heyman and Vickie Guerrero.

Not a prediction, but they really should put the belt on Ryback at Wrestlemania. Like him or hate him, the guy's over as hell. They haven't jumped on a chance to give a guy his first belt on the big stage since Batista. It could be huge.

If I'm fantasy booking, I'd like to see Bryan win the WHC at Elimination Chamber, only to have Ziggler cash in. Then have Bryan win it back at Wrestlemania to make up for last year. Phone Post

Cena wins Rumble and face The Rock at mania for the title (possibly unification)

Big Show goes back to the over the top goofy face and then back to angry heel 3-4 times.

Taker vs. Punk

Orton gets really lazy and a worse attitude which will hold him back further.

Ryback sucks.


Miz wins rumble Phone Post

My prediction is that creative will still have no clue WTF they're doing.

Rumble winner is Shaemus

Cena beats Rock at Mania

Punk beats Taker at Mania

HHH beats Lesnar at Mania

Shaemus turns heel

Both Dolph and Wade Barrett win the WHC in 2013

Team Hell No breaks up

Rock doesn't stick around for too long

Jericho returns again

Ryback and Ryblack have epic feud

Big Show turns face

Kane retires

Punk will be Champ going into 2014. Phone Post

Ziggler wins RR
Punk goes over rock because of HHH interference.
Ziggler cashes in against big show and wins WHT.
Somehow Ryback vs Brock at WM with Goldberg running in and trying to cost Ryback the match. Double shell shock for lesnar n Goldberg.
Hhh vs rock at WM.
cena vs taker at WM.
punk vs Ziggler to unify the titles at WM (opening match). Phone Post