*WWE and Steve Austin Part Ways*

straight from wwe.com:

After months of negotiations, the WWE and Steve Austin have been unable to come to terms on a new contract and as a result have mutually agreed to part company.

Both parties have left the door open to work together again in the future and the WWE wishes Steve the very best in his future endeavors.


he'll be back

He wanted the rights to the name "Stone Cold" and Vince said no although he let "The Rock" do exactly that.

yeah, that's pretty strange...but we are talking about vinnie mac

Maybe the Rock paid more for his?

This will give Austin more time to smack around his girlfriend.

stevekt has backhanded the correct


Something really funny is Austin was requested for a role that Bill Goldberg got (Universal Soldier, IIRC), and was later reading an interview about the movie, and saw that they wanted him. Vince never asked even asked him, and Austin was pissed. The Rock does a ton of movies, and gets the rights to his name. lol

Steve Austin's contract actually expired in late March. The reason this hasn't been made public until now, is likely due to stagnation in contract negotiations.

When Vince gave The Rock the rights to his name, it was still done with financial contingencies. Meaning that Vince will continue to reap a benefit from future projects (which are likely to be worth tens of millions of dollars). So while The Rock now has the freedom to be a part of whatever projects he wants, Vince will still be getting a sizable kickback. This made it worth Vince's while to cooperate.

The Stone Cold situation is very different. Unlike Johnson, Austin does not have an established 'in' with Hollywood. Nor would he be entering into new markets at a time where pro wrestling is at it's peak.

This means there are serious questions as to how much revenue his outside projects could possibly generate. While it was to Vince's benefit to allow The Rock the freedom to engage mainstream studio movie deals (where he gets paid a huge amount of money, GUARANTEED up front) Austin's name has a vastly more shaky value.

How much will WWE possibly make giving Austin the time & freedom to do a weekly hunting show on a backwater cable station? What's the cut derived off Austin doing a guest role in a B level movie or television show? More importantly, what are the upfront COSTS between that projected number, and the amount WWE can make off a Stone Cold t-shirt, DVD, PPV appearance or quarter hour spot during sweeps month?

Always remember that trademarks are a time sensitive commodities. As a general rule, if strategic use of a copyright with-in a company (in this case WWE) will likely bring vastly more revenue for the parent company than that of a conditional release to a performer (in this case Austin), than talk of a performer getting the rights to his name are dead in the water.

Which is where both sides are at now.

McCandayass appears to be correct again.

When Austin appeared in a few episodes of Nash Bridges a few years back, did McMahon reap any revenue from those episodes?

was there any revenue from those episodes???

has everyone seen how vinnie mac gets exec producer rights on all rock's movies just for having rights to the name "the rock"??

dwayne's makin movies & vinney is cashing in on that name

steve's screentime will be limited to an episode of Cops