WWE board Investigating VKM $3M hush money settlement

nick khan making moves and cleaning house?

hhh and steph getting payback?

all of the mcmahons getting booted from wwe is the best possible outcome

What was the employee’s name, Shawn Michaels?


it’s not too late to add a Max Caster match to tonight’s Dynamite!


Can they force Vince out? Did Nick Khan play Vince McMahon?

If true Nick khan should show up on aew and hug Tony and say they are family


Oh it’s much juicier…… He’s fucked. Vince will be forced out like Papa John. Below from NY Post.

The investigation has also reportedly uncovered several older agreements related to misconduct claims that other female WWE employees brought against the 76-year-old McMahon and John Laurinaitis, WWE’s head of talent relations.

The WWE board found out about McMahon’s recent $3 million agreement after receiving a serious of anonymous emails from someone claiming to be a friend of the woman who had an alleged relationship with the WWE chief, according to the Journal.

The emails reportedly alleged that McMahon hired the woman as a paralegal at a $100,000 salary, then bumped her pay up to $200,000 after they began a sexual relationship. McMahon also “gave her like a toy” to Laurinaitis, the reported emails said.

“My friend was so scared so she quit after Vince McMahon and lawyer Jerry paid her millions of dollars to shut up,” the person who sent the initial email reportedly wrote.

“My friend was so scared so she quit after Vince McMahon and lawyer Jerry paid her millions of dollars to shut up,” an anonymous email to the WWE board allegedly read.

The email appears to refer to Jerry McDevitt, who works as McMahon’s attorney and did not respond to a request for comment from the Post. McDevitt wrote in a letter to the Journal that the ex-paralegal hadn’t accused McMahon of harassment and that “WWE did not pay any monies” to the ex-employee “on her departure.”

The board has reportedly found that McMahon used his personal funds to pay ex-employees who signed the agreements.

McMahon is married Linda McMahon, who co-founded WWE alongside her husband and served as the administrator of the Small Business Administration under President Donald Trump.

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Uh Oh Wrestling GIF by WWE



If Vince paid this woman from his own pocket surely WWE board can only ask how she got the salary bump.

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bear, this is human business

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This isn’t gonna end well for Vince. Nobody should be surprised this happened given his reputation, but not even VKM can top the Me Too movement when it comes to surviving this while heading a public company.

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Can he be forced out even if he’s majority owner

Damn damn damn. Is it possible stephanie left cause she knew this shit was going to happen?

If mcmahon were to ever get ousted he dies with a quickness. He cant handle a life outside of the wwf. It was his own pseudo reality he created for himself. Not to mention the sudden drop in the work life pace


Let’s be honest, it’s hard to be an accountant looking at a computer all cross-eyed…

Fuck VKM and Fuck Shawn Michaels.

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I stopped paying attention around 2002ish I guess.

But this seems interesting.

I guess there was some intrigue with Vince’s kids and HHH. I have no idea who this other character is.

I see Vince is getting me too’d. OK. But, how is this revenge? And what does the Heartbreak Kid have to do with it?

Any cliffs?

vinnie mac is running out of family and fall guys