WWE board Investigating VKM $3M hush money settlement

HHH needs to fix NXT and WWE if he has the energy to do so at this point.

They need legitimate heavyweight guys to develop. I’m kinda tired of all the 5’10" 190lbs blown up guys all over NXT.

They have the WWE Network and they need content. Take those 5’10" 195lbs guys and fix 205live. They could have the best cruiserweight division in wrestling. Feature them on Raw and Smackdown, Main Event and Superstars. Keep 205Live and film it at the PC with a different setup from NXT. Have the trainees be responsible for changing the sets so they can “pay dues”

Begin a womens only program and film it at the PC. Ressurect the “Saturday Night” tapings at 6:05 on the Network.

Too many title belts in my opinion. They need

WWE Champion.
Intercontinental Champion
Tag Team Champion.
Cruiserweight Champion

Women’s WWE Champion
Women’s Tag Team Champion
I’d be ok with them moving the U.S. Championship to the Women’s division. Not necessary but I wouldn’t argue with it.

NXT/NXT UK Champion
NXT/NXT Tag Team Champion
NXT/NXT UK Womens Champion.
North American title is cool but it isn’t necessary in NXT.

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Nxt was crushed by laurenitus. He went in and cleaned house… ruined it.