WWE board Investigating VKM $3M hush money settlement

Isnt ace married to the Bella twins mom?

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Yup just like joe paterno died not long after he lost his penn state gig.

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that’s why this


Wait …… is that wrong?

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Once your company goes public you can be replaced with incredible quickness. Vince can’t be forced to sell his stake right now but he can lose all decision making in a “no confidence” vote. Even though he didn’t use WWE money directly to fund the payouts he’s fucked.

HHH’s revenge.

Does Vince survive this or is he toast?

His family is out of wwe so it’s not like it’s going to be handed over to the family heirs.

Most likely scenario is that he retains his shares but loses voting power to the board. Basically they have a “no confidence” vote or Vince resigns like Papa John.

He’s fucked.


No chance in hell


If Vince is forced out he should start a new wrestling company and compete with wwe just for the fuck of it

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or maybe a football league


Or reboot the wbf

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could’ve gone harder but i get the hesitation

Bruce prichard is taking over

I’m not seeing why this is controversial. It was consensual, NDA’s are common in situations like this, the girl made out, at least until her “friend” outed her. So she probably won’t get to keep the cash now. Vince paid it out of pocket so not sure why the board needs to investigate. He’s been banging his employees for decades.
Seems like much ado about nothing and frankly none of the boards business.



Seems like a Vinny Mac move, and only a pussy feminist faggot would even care.

That 100k raise she got after he blew a load in her may be an issue.


Lots of old dirt on VKM resurfacing…

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Surprised this took so long.

IMO if it was his own personal money and he wasn’t using these things to affect the operations or financial integrity of the company, people should stfu because it’s his personal business


He’s toast. Vince doesn’t have the vigor to fight this. They did the same thing to Hugh Hefner when he was too old to fight back.

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