WWE Diva Aksana

Two former WWE stars blasted WWE Diva Aksana for her match against Nikki and Brie Bella on this week's RAW.

Gregory "Hurricane" Helms tweeted the following: "Geez, Askana is .... not good."

Lance Storm replied to Helms' tweet with the following: "Understatement of the Century."

- ewrestlingnews

I was so distracted by the sheer hotness of the Bellas that I didn't even notice how bad Aksana's wrestling was Phone Post

This thread does not deliver. Phone Post

Thread clearly needs old country way Phone Post

Aksana has the best body the WWE has ever seen. That chick is smoking hot.


She isn't paid for her work rate or technical prowess. Who really gives a shit? Phone Post


 i like girls

Friends old lady ruined russian broads for me. Once I hear the accent I want to punch them. Very cunty women for being the mexicans of Europe. Phone Post

Jack Skellington -  

Oh my Phone Post


Blonde hair she's pretty but with black hair she is hottt Phone Post

I hate that they play that stupid ass music everytime she comes onto Teddy Long.

she actually did a very good job in FCW. Shes not that bad. The bellas on the other hand....


lol @ saying she sucks.

Do they not realize that ALL of them suck?

None that I have found, damnit