WWE Draft

Raw gets: Kennedy, Lashley, Snitsky, King Booker

Smackdown gets: Khali, Masters, Flair, Torrie Wilson

ECW gets: Boogeyman, Benoit

Lashley is stripped of ECW title after being drafted to Raw


wtf was that with Vince?????

faking his own death for what?? Wounder if the writers are going to do something cool or turn it into shit. Probably a face turn for vince. Like oh wow I survived now I should start being nice and do the right thing.

How long is this lottery going to go?

I always heard Vince took pleasure in humiliating Dusty?

The yellow polka dots, the fat ugly black lady, turning his son from respectable wrestler to walking queer, shit like that.

This seems like the start of the end for the ECW brand. They lost some strong main eventers. Nothing against Benoit, as I'm sure a feud between him and Cor Von would be great, but unless they supplement the roster online Wednesday, ECW won't be doing strong PPV buyrates unless they team them up with Raw/SD PPVs. I figure they are giving the ECW brand till the end of the year and this is the start of the "repositioning of the troops". At least Benoit now gets time main eventing (even if on a weak brand) again, he's been stuck in the upper mid-card for too long.

"ECW won't be doing strong PPV buyrates unless they team them up with Raw/SD PPVs."

There are no more single brand PPVs so it won't matter. It basically means they haven't lost anyone. The ECW belt and brand doesn't mean that much now.

Lashley was essentially a mid carder on previous PPVs. He appeared on every show regardless. Hence there's no need to tune in to ECW to see him.

Khali is the same. He's appeared on every show regardless of which roster he has cursed with his presence.

it's safe to say Benoit will be the new ECW champ

I was happy to see Kennedy get such a huge pop

Boogeyman to ECW? for the love of Christ, bring Heyman back

Lashley was barely even a part of ECW programming anyway. What ECW needs is a long-standing champion that can elevate the young talent they have. Benoit is that man.

Look what he did with MVP. No reason he cant do that with Punk, Burke, Cor Von, etc

You think they'll give Benoit as much time to talk on the mic like Edge does? I think the Wolverine to ECW was very smart, but only if they let him run shit. If ECW does this correctly, we could see the best Chris Benoit we've ever seen.

He is a main eventer, but in Smackdown or RAW, his talent will always be on the backburner compared to other guys.

I say let Chris Benoit have a HHH-like run in ECW!

Benoit as champ in ECW w/ Dusty booking = bad ass.

I can't wait to see Punk vs. Benoit

Benoit is the only reason to even look at ECW...

But on the bright side, they got rid of Zitsky. (On a side note, for the love of all that is holy, somebody buy Zitsky some Pro-Activ or something.)

He's going for the gross-out gimmick, like Boogeyman.

His teeth didn't get dark orange by themselves.