WWE Executive: "WWE Network Is Still Not Ready"

WWE's Chief Strategy and Financial Officer George Barrios has revealed that the WWE Network's distribution is still up in the air.

He attended the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference yesterday and gave us further details of WWE's Network plans.

With the rumoured "internet styled" model of distributing over the internet, Barrios noted that WWE would be hit with all the cost rather than splitting the cost with a network/cable provider if they went down that route. Barrios stated:

"One of the things that happened over the last 12 months has been happening for quite a while and we have been monitoring it for quite a while, is the consumption of long form video over-the-top and we all have Netflix to thank for this. They have done the spade work of creating the environment and the consumption habit of consumers to watch long form video over-the-top. So this, earlier this year we said where two years ago we didn't think there was enough of that happening to make a network viable over-the-top, we now believe it is viable over-the-top."

PWTorch have further analysed the report to which the overall point that needs to be made, which has been widely known for some time, is WWE would need to launch at around $10-15 with around 1 million subscribers to break even. Obviously from there, there would be a chance to build around profits.

Barrios has said that WWE PPV's would still be available through the traditional conventions of distributors as well as the WWE Network. However, they hope that will be erased eventually when people are drawn to the WWE Network. WWE interesting have also acknowledged that $45-65 PPV's are now "expensive in today's world where so much content is out there", that a direct quote from Barrios.

I actually think that a digital subscription service is the better alternative for them. I am much more likely to purchase this model due to the fact that it would be more readily accessible while traveling.

If it is like Netflix and has a chance to be on mobile devices as well then we are looking at a winner.

Between this and the UFC subscription service I will never have cable again. Phone Post 3.0

A online digital subscription has a lot better chance than a pay cable channel, but still 10 bucks a month for just wrestling content when netflix is less than that?

I like the Netflix model, but as others have said, for any real appreciable amount of money (like over $10+) a month, it's gonna have to have a lot of shit on it.

I currently pay around $6.99 a month or so for Classics, but I wouldn't pay a whole lot more for it.

I'd pay same as Netflix. Phone Post 3.0

I'd pay 10 or 15 a month for it, but I really don't see them pulling in a million subscribers off the bat.

I'd pay 10$ a month to have it on my roku. Phone Post 3.0

The Netflix model is the way to go for at least the foreseeable future. If it's continually updated with content, and by content I mean never before seen stuff, not shit I can just as easily download through torrents, I'd be fine with paying $10-15.

I'm actually happy they are leaning towards a digital library instead of putting it on some network I've never heard of and that is only in 100,000 homes.