WWE fan's quote about MMA

"UFC is really just a bunch of men in shorts playing grab-ass. Sure it's all real, but it lacks the tension, suspense and excitement of either pro wresting or sports entertainment"

Some folks just don't get it.

damn, that's a stupid comment

someone actually said that?

I'm a fan of both, I dont' view them as competing with each other

you PMS-ing, Nicknitro?

for the record, I used to love wwe from 1984 until StoneCold & the Rock left.

Randleman vs Kurt Angle

"Some folks just don't get it."

MMA "fans" included.

I'm a huge fan of both. I love MMA. it's where my heart lies. But I love Pro Wrestling also and they aren't competing against eachother. One is a sport, the other is sports entertainment. But Pro Wrestlers put themselves through more strain and stress than anyone else on the planet. These guys' pain tolerance is through the roof and they are definately athletes in my book. As far as the UFC being nothing more than guys running around in tights playing grab ass, that dude needs to watch Pro Wrestling a bit closer. If anything is what he describes, its pro wrestling. But I love them both. Sit me in front of a TV with WCW matches from 1992-2000 or WWF from 1995-2002 or any ECW and I'm happy. WWE is trying to make things the way they use to be and I actually watched their product on Monday and enjoyed it. So, they're 2 entirely different things but they are both entertaining in their own right.

Well, no shit. In pro-wrestling, you can make sure the matches are exciting b/c everything is choreographed. If pro-wrestling isn't exciting, there is something wrong.

LOL @ pro wrestling. That shit is cool until you hit 12 or 13.

lmao at that video...

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"LOL @ WWE being a sport "

It's not a sport but they are athletes. But here's my arguement about Pro Wrestling. If Nascar is considered a 'sport' so is fucking pro wrestling.

LOL, if you say you have not given the DX crotch chop, you're a fucking liar.

SUCK IT. I do it to my co-workers all the time when they arent looking. It's my way of sticking it to the man.

dont see how something that is fake with a scripted ending can have as much suspence and tension as something real

Wrestlers are athletes too, they just know where they're going to finish before the event starts. I enjoy both, but clearly they are different. WWE is as close to MMA as Nick Diaz is to a soft spoken virgin. L8R....

"dont see how something that is fake with a scripted ending can have as much suspence and tension as something real"

Ever watch a movie?

I love MMA, but I am a big fan of pro wrestling too. Foley is GOD. JKB

id rather watch UFC than any movie any day of the week

Anyone who says WWE wrestler's aren't athletic clearly knows nothing about sport. I spend my life working with elite athletes, and WWE has some of the greatest I've ever seen.

That doesn't mean every WWE wrestler is a fantastic sportman. But to deny the athleticism of some of the guys in that company is beyond ludicrous.

as an aside, i can understand how some of the posters on the UG don't respect guys who work in the "E" but at least give it up for the guys who bust their asses on the indies and the guys who work puroresu in Japan